Rocket Dock + Docklets + Skins AlienWare 3in1 ( Free Download )

This time I will share again Alienware Gadgets.

If the previous post I have shared the VAIO GateWhich is similar to RocketDock Desktop personalize it, and now I go back out for you, that is

RocketDock + Skins Alienaware + Docklets
Maybe it's a lot of you who use RocketDock gadget like thisbut here I am posting the following with AlienwareSkin for RocketDock.

See this Screen Shoots Of RocketDock, the Skins Alienware :

Rocketdock Alienware Skins

Docklets GRID & FAN

If you are interested, please:
free Download
 Rocket Dock + Docklets + Skins AlienWare
file name : RocketDock3in1bydp_.rar
size :  7,04 Mb

How To Instal :
1. Once the Download is complete, then you Extract it w/ winrar/zip
2. Then you install first "RocketDock.exe" RocketDock-v1.3.5.exe ", install as usual

How To Use Skins :
1. Copy Folder named  "Alienware v3", Then PASTE into Directory C: \ Program Files \RocketDock \ Skins.
2. Click Setting in RocketDock > Select tab Style > in Theme, Select Alienware v3 > OK

How To Use docklets :
1. Copy all folder and file into subfolder named "docklets", then PASTE into Directory C: \Program Files \ RocketDock \ docklets
2. Right Click 
RocketDock > Add Items > docklets Stack.

if it is added docklets, Right click dockletsIcon Settings ... > You just select the folderwhere you are going to add Folder, subfolder or drive > then Click add Iconor also setting up the display mode.

4. Enjoy
If you would like Icon or picture icon like the image abovePlease Download from Here

Whahahah capek saiya... zzz ...
Smoga Bermanfaat kk.

Best Regard, DindaPhobia.

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Tested by: DindaPhobia
( in Windows 7 Alienware ) 
All software and applications as well any files on this site are based on experience and tried andExecuted by the authorin Windows 7 and Windows XP

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Thank you.
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